To Blog Or Not To Blog?

To Blog Or Not To Blog?

Do you want to be found on Google, build trust with a wider net of potential customers while shouting out to the world about your expertise and knowledge? Yes? Then you need to be blogging. Blogs drive traffic to your site and keep it updated with fresh, relevant content that your readers will love. At least they will if we’re writing it.

Why Responsive Design Matters Right Now

Why Responsive Design Matters Right Now

What is responsive design?

When it comes to content marketing, there are a few rules we at Eleven Eight live by – and one of those is ‘Responsive Design’. Responsive Design can mean a few different things depending on your industry – but in the industry of marketing content the basic definition is to create once and publish everywhere. In addition to that, it’s also about sophisticated personalisation for your users – displaying welcome screens, recommending products or more content, and personalising things like your newsletter send outs for your readers. In the past few years the demand for responsive design and adaptive content has been on the rise.

The reason why responsive design matters? Smartphones.

We all know how important it is to be responsive in the modern market – especially when it comes to the internet. A mobile website with responsive design and up to date content in multiple forms can be the difference between a customer buying from you and walking away. Personalising a mobile experience to your user can really make all the difference, and we’ve found some facts and figures to show you just how important a users mobile experience is for your business.

• Around 13% of all internet traffic now comes through mobile devices. This is a 12% increase in 4 years – all because of internet based shopping.

• 77% of mobile users are using search engines and social sites.

• According to a Smartphone user study done by Google, 88% of people who look for local information on their Smartphones take action within a day’ making mobile users the most motivated buyers.

• Even more impressive – 9 out of 10 searches on a mobile device end in some form of action from the user, whether it’s a reservation, purchase, appointment or download.

• Online researching often involved reviews, ratings and recommendations posted online, and the buying phase starts long before the purchase through the medium of mobile research.

And this is the reason that responsive mobile design and properly adaptive content content is so powerful. When so much of the research and planning for purchasing is mobile searching –  making sure your well crafted content can be found on a mobile device is essential. It can be time consuming – so we do recommend you outsource some things so that you can focus on providing excellent services. But remember – broadcast your message on Twitter, post on Facebook, stick it on a pin on Pintrest – get your message out there!