Email Newsletter Writing Service

Need engaging, catchy newsletters that say ‘I know my stuff’? Step right up!

Small and medium sized businesses often avoid writing newsletters like the plague. They either don’t write them to begin with, or they put out 1 or 2 a year in the vain hope that it will achieve something. But why wouldn’t you do them? Newsletters are a fantastic way of keeping in touch with your customers, updating them on your special offers, industry news and generally reminding them that you exist when they need you. The most successful businesses all over the world (Tesco, BMW and Netflix to name a few) use the humble newsletter to expand their reach further and reel in the sales, so why shouldn’t you?

At Eleven Eight we understand what’s keeping you from starting your own thought leading newsletter. It takes up a lot of time, and it can sometimes be hard to come up with ideas to write about. So instead of letting you sweat over the details, we jump in to help!

Our newsletter packages break down into 3 easy options, so you can completely customise your service. We can design your newsletter template for you, so each newsletter you send looks professional and matches your branding. We can then provide you with exciting content and design that gives you the extra wow factor, ensuring your readers remember your business and offers. And for those who want a completely hands off approach, we can even manage it for you as well, using this amazing little platform called MailChimp.

So what are you waiting for? Start encouraging your prospects to visit your site and buy your stuff today. All you need to do is give us a call!

Starting Out

  • 1 newsletter per month
  • Up to 600 words
  • 1 free stock image
  • High quality copy
  • Well researched
  • Great for startups

Mighty Oaks Grow

  • 4 newsletters per month
  • Up to 600 words each
  • Free stock images
  • High quality copy
  • Well researched
  • Increase Influence

*All prices are exclusive of VAT.