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This blog is a bit more personal than my usual pieces of advice, so I want to start it properly. So, if you don’t know me, hi! My name is Charlotte and I’ve been a copywriter for nearly 8 years.

I didn’t set out to become a copywriter, quite the opposite. I wanted to be a children’s author. I love children – the excitement and wonder of their imaginations is contagious, and in some ways I think I still channel my own childlike wonder in my own life. I’ve found myself in one of those wonderful positions where I have no children of my own, yet am surrounded by them on a nearly constant basis. If it’s not my 2 young nephews then it’s my small horde of 24 Brownies, who I voluntarily look after for 2 hours every week. The good thing about this is that I can give them all back whenever I want (which is sometimes never). The downside is that a large group of these children will never age. They only stay with me from their 7th birthday to their 10th, and whenever one leaves another pops up to take their place. This means I am permanently surrounded by inquisitive, eager children who are desperate to learn everything about the world around them. Honestly, it’s why I love Girl Guiding.  But I digress, let’s get to the point.

Last week, one of the aforementioned children asked me what I do as a job.

‘I’m a copywriter.’ I said.

‘What’s that?’ she asked, a bit confused.

It means that I spend every day writing stories for people who run businesses.’


Any parent reading this probably shuddered at that question. Thankfully at 8 years old, this young girl is past the dreaded ‘why’ stage, and instead was genuinely curious about why people need someone like me to write stories. And it made me realise, I get asked this question every single day. Not by children, but by business owners who are puzzled by what I do. So I wanted to address anyone who doesn’t know what a copywriter does, or why they need one.

What Does A Copywriter Do?

In the broadest sense of the word, copywriters are the people who handle the words of the business world. We help create taglines, direct mailers, annoying jingle lyrics, web page content, email newsletters and basically anything else that helps businesses advertise and promote themselves. But I prefer to think of it as writing brand stories. A good copywriter won’t just assemble a bunch of well-formed sentences into a piece for you. They will take the time to get to know your brand, and weave together a compelling story that encourages people to buy from you. Each and every piece of copy you put out there is another chapter of the story, that when connected with the others creates a narrative readers can understand and connect with. But it takes someone with the right skills and mindset to create that complex, engaging story, and that’s where a copywriter comes in.

Why Do You Need One?

Anyone can pick up a pencil or sit at a keyboard and type words. In that respect, everyone can write. But now everyone can take those words and put them in exactly the right places, with the right tones and partners to create a specific effect – that’s when you become a writer. If you want to make sure your prospects and clients are receiving the right message about your business, you need a copywriter. If you want them to understand your business and services on a deeper level, to feel confident that you are the right choice and trust that you know what you’re doing, you need a copywriter. Hell, if you want to come across as professional you need a copywriter! Copywriters are a critical part of business marketing and can make your investment give a much bigger return, purely because you’re sending out the right message. When all of the big, successful companies out there have copywriters on staff, you should too.

27,000,000 pieces of content are shared online every single day, and the only way to get yours to stand out is by being well crafted, different and unique. A good copywriter can help you understand what makes your business so special, and bring it out in ways you couldn’t even dream of. So, if you’re looking for someone to tell your brand story and make you stand out, find yourself a really good copywriter and don’t let them go. Don’t know any? Well, I’m sure I can help you!

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