Content is a huge, sprawling world with a hell of a lot of tripwires and trapdoors between you and your customer. There are a lot of things you can do wrong in content marketing, especially compared to the few things that seem right. But to be honest, content marketing is all about finding what works for your unique business, which means it might not look the same as everyone else’s. To demonstrate that, this week I wanted to take a closer look at what content lessons are out there in the most unexpected places – like in women’s underwear, courtesy of Natural Curves.

  1. Know Your Market

If there’s one thing a business owner should know, it’s their market. But your customers aren’t just buying machines. They come to your blog because they want information, so you need to be providing that. ‘But what do I write about’ is one of the most common phrases I hear, and the answer is simple – write about what your customers want to know! For Natural Curves, they know their customers are plus sized ladies looking for comfortable underwear, so they have tailored their blog content to some of the issues those people may be facing. Knowing what size bra to wear, questions about bodysuits they’ve been too embarrassed to ask, and what type of bra will make them more comfortable are all things plus sized women will be looking for, and now they can find the answers – along with product recommendations – in one place. So try to get inside the head of your customer and figure out what they want to know, and you will know what to write about.

  1. Client Testimonials Can Work Wonders

How often do you gather testimonials from your clients? Maybe you manage it with every sale, or maybe it’s only once in a while. Either way, you should be showcasing those testimonials in any way you can. Many businesses simply throw them on a testimonials page and leave them there. But as Natural Curves show us, testimonials can make great blogs as well. In fact, their latest blog post is a testimonial from a happy client about the values of their product. You can’t get much better sales collateral than that, and by showcasing it on a blog page it is much more likely to be seen. It can also be easily shared, commented on and found, extending the value of the testimonial far beyond its initial reach.

  1. It Pays To Go Off Topic

Natural Curves sells underwear – but that’s not all they talk about. Sure, they give helpful information on bra sizing and fashion, but they also talk about the problems tall women. Can have, and how to be more confident in your own skin. They aren’t afraid to go off topics, and it really pays off. One of the biggest issues I come across when I’m looking through online blogs is that they are all very focussed on their specific industry niche, and they don’t stray from it.  A lot of brands are scared to blog about anything but their own products – but this is exactly what you should be doing. Prospective customers who don’t know your brand aren’t interested in what you have to sell at first – they want to know if you know what you’re talking about. Demonstrating your knowledge of the industry (and giving that knowledge away for free) is the first step in creating a client relationship based on trust and value.

  1. Your Product Descriptions Matter

Natural Curves sell a lot of different products. And you can tell what a lot of those products are by looking at the photos. But it’s their descriptions that really make the difference. Many distributors of products tend to do one of 2 things – they take the catalogue descriptions and sue those, or they just list the technical specs. Natural Curves has taken the technical specs, but they have also added their own description of the products that really makes them stand out. They target the way the product will make their customers feel – the tactile nature of the product and the lifestyle is denotes. All of these things match in with their target customer, and create an emotional connection with the product and what it will do for them, which makes them more inclined to buy it. All thanks to some good copy.

  1. Blogs Can Be A Mix

One of the things Natural Curves do really well is mix up their blog content. If you visit their blog page, you’ll notice it isn’t all sales pitches and collections. There is some of that in there (like this post about a new collection of swimsuits), but it’s almost buried in there. On your way through the posts, you also find some of testimonials and, more importantly, LOTS of informative, non-sales related content. This discusses the sort of things that are relevant and important to their target customers – not necessarily what products they sell. Because their blog page is such a mix of different angles, people browsing through get a wider view of the company and, critically, they don’t get bored.

If you really don’t have the first clue about content and what you do with it, you aren’t alone. Thousands of businesses out there are still completely unaware for the content world, or the power it has with your customers. But if you like what you see, or even if you just want to find out more, then we are here to help. At Eleven Eight we’ve seen it all and done it all (in terms of content, anyway), so we can help you understand what your blog should look like, and what it shouldn’t. So get in touch – coffee’s on us!