Case Studies

Case Studies

There is nothing quite as compelling as a case study. You see, we all read the marketing fluff that’s designed to sell to us, and we take it with a pinch of salt. Of course, the company is going to say they’re fantastic – they want your money! But when that same information comes in the form of a glowing recommendation, it makes people think twice. Case studies allow you to explore very specific scenarios that are all too common for your clients, and demonstrate how you solve those problems in the real world. This relatable approach means prospects will be able to see your solutions in action before they commit to buying from you, building the trust that’s crucial for a good client relationship.

But What Are Case Studies?


Contrary to popular belief, case studies aren’t just a copy of an interview with a client. Sure, the interview takes place (and with our service you do get a copy), but your finished case study should be a story, telling prospects about the journey another customer took with you, and how you solved all of their problems. At Eleven Eight, we believe that case studies should showcase the very best in everyone. But sometimes you need a bit of help getting that to show. That’s where we come in.

We approach case studies in a very strategic and friendly way. First, we have a chat with you and get your side of the story. We identify the core areas you really want to cover, and we get all the information we need to contact your chosen clients. Then, we contact them. We arrange for a short, recorded interview, in which we ask them all sorts of questions, drawing out what they truly think of you and your service (don’t worry, it’s usually good!). Once that’s done, we write up a transcript of the conversation for your records (so you know exactly what’s been said), and work our magic.

We combine compelling storytelling with genuine words from your clients to create a case study that sells your services, without feeling like a sales pitch.