Web Copy Writing Service

If you’ve got a website, then you need good web copy. It really is that simple. Any old text will get your website up and running, but only really good copy will sell people your service or products.

But writing web copy is hard. Anyone who’s ever sat down to write about themselves knows how easy it is to suddenly forget what exactly it is you do. Be warned, this can sometimes lead to an existential crisis and result in the job never getting done. And if you do manage to get the words out, the challenge is then to find a way to write it so that someone completely new to your business will understand. At Eleven Eight, we aren’t in your business. We come from the perspective of the outsider; taking your message and crafting it into something that makes your customers sit up and pay attention.

With our web copy writing service, you will never get boring, boilerplate copy. It is considered a mortal sin in our office and punishable by removal of post-it privileges. Instead, you will get carefully crafted art that turns your website from dull to sparkling in one simple upload. All it takes is one meeting (or phone call, Skype session or message by carrier pigeon, we’re not fussy) for you to tell us all about your business, then let us work our magic. We’ll even throw in a free web copy review for you, so we can see how your copy is performing, and how we can improve it.

Remember – web copy doesn’t need to be a chore, and with Eleven Eight it will be the easiest piece of marketing you have ever done.