White Paper writing service

White Paper Writing Service

White papers are a fantastic way to showcase your industry knowledge without constantly talking about yourself. But a lot of people aren’t quite sure what a white paper is – which is why we’re here to tell you!

A common misconception is that a white paper is just a very long blog article. They’re not. While it might be true that a white paper is usually much longer than an article, the format and style of a white paper is completely different. Instead of being a short post about a topic, a white paper is an exhaustive report, designed to tackle the ins and outs of your chosen subject. The ideal white paper should address an issue, problem or topic in the industry, and discuss the possible solutions, finishing with how your business could implement that solution. White papers are typically written in a strong, authoritative voice, make references to other works and delve deeper into a topic than your standard article does.

But Why Publish A White Paper?

White papers aren’t just a nice thing to have lying around the office – they’re also a fantastic marketing tool. Sharing your white papers with the world boosts your credibility with others in your industry and your potential customers, establishing you as the queen bee in your area and an absolute expert. Executive types often do their research when they come across problems, and a white paper is a fantastic source of information for them. With any luck, your white paper will show them that your solution is absolutely irresistible because you really understand the problem they are experiencing. Coupled with a strong call to action and a contact to talk to, your white paper can win you new sales you didn’t think possible.

But white papers are not easy to write. That’s because they take a lot of time, research and technical ability to put together, and often these are things you just don’t have. So instead, Eleven Eight offers a comprehensive white paper service. Simply tell us what you want to talk about, and we deliver a finished white paper to your door, leaving you free to focus on other things.

When it’s put like that, it’s a no brainer! Just get in touch today to request your white paper.

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